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Date:2014 Jul 18
Comment id:921059

5Wl2gk Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

Date:2013 Oct 12
Comment id:748958

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Date:2011 Dec 08
Comment id:427646

Hey, not every American likes a woman like this.

Date:2011 Apr 26
Comment id:353276

This is the kind of girl that if you are not eating her tits in 5 minutes it gets really boring.

Date:2011 Feb 13
Comment id:260465

wuts a clown

Date:2011 Jan 28
Comment id:253253

YUK! Over tweezed, over tanned, (no doubt) fake boobed, skinny ass bitch! Only Americans could like a woman like this :S

Date:2010 May 23
Comment id:37217

she has a point

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