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the money required to eradicate hunger for everyone

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Date:2013 Oct 17
Comment id:751610

so 8 years of waiting for some asshole to realise he could take over the world cos wer saving up to end world hunger and that asshole is probably guna be a guy wer tryna feed, theres a reason the turd world is turd world, they spend their money on guns and those that dont rely on aid and dont bother trying to fix the problem

Date:2013 Mar 29
Comment id:636173

*citation needed

Date:2012 Jan 04
Comment id:435500

Point isn't the cost of eradicating hunger per se...more of a eye-opener as to how much money this planet blows on wars that don't need fighting.

Date:2011 Nov 30
Comment id:425786

$30 billion isn't enough to eradicate hunger in Chicago, let alone the whole world.

Date:2011 Jul 27
Comment id:380612

its more complicated than that

How much is five plus five?

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