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Date:2012 Dec 05
Comment id:533765

Man that made me chuckle. Listing Upload/Download as a skill is very, very funny. P1: "What do you do at work man?". P2: "Oh you know. I upload and then sometimes I download." P1: "That doesn't make sense. Are you retarded?"

Date:2011 Aug 07
Comment id:383858

"chmod" is a Unix command, 94916.

What frightens me more about this CV is that the candidate thinks any of those mark-up languages in the first section are programming languages (with the exception of ActionScript, which is a scripting language.) In the final section, entitled languages, the candidate has a mixture of mark-up languages, scripting languages and programming languages.

This is a bullshit CV.

Date:2010 Nov 17
Comment id:94916

Web Hosting - if you're running a server to host sites, you've probably already figured out that this list is bogus, and you wouldn't have put it here in the first place (or need a job)
Telnet - okay, that's legit.
FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Unless he's talking about building an FTP server, the only thing he's boasting is that he can log into an FTP server. If you can log into an e-mail account, this is no major accomplishment.
CHMOD - Not a skill (as 3830 said). It's a COMMAND function you put into the CMD program on windows.
UNIX/Linux - has become so streamlined that in many circumstances it's as simple as running Windows. Good job, you can operate an operating system.
Upload/Download - What you do with pictures on Facebook. Yeah. It's a career skill now.

Date:2010 Jun 11
Comment id:43328

nerd joke, don't get it

Date:2010 Mar 13
Comment id:12065

HTML, CSS etc. are not programming skills or programming languages ^^

Date:2010 Feb 01
Comment id:3830

chmod - not a skill

Date:2010 Feb 01
Comment id:3824

I can't get de joke. Anyone does?

How much is five plus five?

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