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how to confuse an idiot

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Date:2014 Jul 18
Comment id:922805

MmKsCe Im grateful for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

Date:2012 Jun 28
Comment id:488648

it's funny how people keep falling for it even after youtube changed their look :p

Date:2012 Feb 01
Comment id:443450

thankfully for my own sanity, i got the joke after one click!

Date:2010 Dec 27
Comment id:112685

I ugly and stupid and love hard rock btw its chris

Date:2010 Nov 27
Comment id:100976

gay porn, my favorite! btw its chris

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49361


Date:2010 May 19
Comment id:36008

Try to play it. :D

Date:2010 Apr 26
Comment id:27548

I'm reading it and I'm reading it, and I don't see the joke. Lil help?:)

Date:2010 Apr 21
Comment id:25538


Date:2010 Apr 05
Comment id:20342

classic xD

Date:2010 Apr 02
Comment id:19232

i kept trying to this on
im an idiot

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13022

lol i've seen this before and I still love it

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