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fat boy ass beach

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Date:2011 Dec 08
Comment id:427721

1) These people are retarded. Normal people go to beaches; these geniuses appear to be sunbathing in a gravel driveway.

2) The fat unathletic creeper kid is the average for Duke fans.

3) Who the hell wears a baseball hat with their swim trunks?

4) Let's hope that's a tag and not her maxi pad showing. It seems too high for the latter but too low for the former.

Date:2011 May 26
Comment id:365348

What a fail

Date:2011 Apr 08
Comment id:343481

child hood obesity!!! hahhahahahahahahaah fat slob!!

Date:2011 Mar 05
Comment id:326117

Of course the fat pervert kid with a speedo is wearing a Duke hat.

Date:2011 Jan 27
Comment id:252668

arent they there together, arent they family or something? Yuk..

Date:2010 Nov 18
Comment id:95630

Camera erection!

Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:60056

Maybe he is just making photo of that white label sticking out of her panties...

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42830

Ooo Word Search!!

How much is five plus five?

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