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what is it like having a period

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Date:2013 Sep 25
Comment id:742772

Okay I just read this and to the latest comment made by a GUY. Do you have a vagina? Do you get periods every month? Do you know how it feels? We don't want to act that way. It's not something we do because it's an excuse. NO. It's shitty. We can't control our hormones, you little bitch.

Date:2013 Jan 23
Comment id:592214

And further, Fuck that explanation. Women certainly feel discomfort due to the hormone spike, and the physical anomalies, but the bullshit is the emotional over-sell that ALWAYS occurs. Women get it in their head that they can use their period as an excuse to be a mega-bitch, when they are quite aware of it and fully capable of throttling it down. That said, I love pussy.

Date:2013 Jan 23
Comment id:592199

I don't trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die.

Date:2012 Feb 25
Comment id:448736

The guy under me... Le sigh...

Date:2011 Aug 18
Comment id:387674

troll, no woman should be out of the kitchen long enough to write that post...

Date:2011 Aug 16
Comment id:386990

@386723, maybe for you. But I fucking agree wholeheartedly.

Date:2011 Aug 15
Comment id:386723

this is a major exaggeration

Date:2011 Aug 15
Comment id:386588

Thats why women are fucked in the head.

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